666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions

666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions

  • Publish Date: 2013-12-31
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: James Newman
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A chump-stumping shock-cinema party book of the highest horror order! - Chris Alexander (Editor, FANGORIA magazine)

i A must-read for all fans... Its worth crawling out of your grave for! - Adam Minarovich - AMC's THE WALKING DEAD; screenwriter of CHOP & PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES

Every horror fan should buy this book! - Mark Sieber, CEMETERY DANCE & The Horror Drive-In

. . . full of so much horror movie influence your momma will call an exorcist to save your corrupted soul! - Nathan Thomas Milliner (Scream! Factory; HORRORHOUND magazine)

[this book] will derail your life. Youll become so immersed in reaching the end and tallying your score that youll forget to pay your bills, go to work, and feed the cats. Your spouse will leave you and never return. This is the perfect book to give to someone who believes he knows everything there is to know about horror flicks, if you wish to chop that know-it-all off at the knees and humble him into a puddle of insecure slime! - Gregory Lamberson (director of SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE)

Do you like scary movies? Are horror flicks all you think about?

Ever been called a weirdo because you know more about Night of the Living Dead than you know about current events? Do people look at you funny because you have no interest in reality-TV but you can name every film in which Vincent Price appeared? Do you feel like an outsider because youve never cared about sports, yet you cheered at the top of your lungs when some kids played soccer with a severed head at the end of Hostel, Part 2?

If you would rather visit Count Draculas castle than take a trip to the beach . . . if youd prefer hanging out with Pinhead, having lunch with Leatherface, or babysitting for Rosemary instead of spending time with your real friends and family . . . this book is for YOU.

You call yourself a horror fan? PROVE IT.

Test your film knowledge with 666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions compiled from over a century of genre cinema, then challenge your fellow freaks!

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(* EVIL DEAD - 1981)

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