Returnable Girl

  • Publish Date: 2009-10-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Pamela Lowell
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A powerful rage came over me and before I knew it, I was throwing things around my room. Everything! All of the things that Alison had given me. . . . But that wasnt enough, and more than that, it wasnt working. I realized I needed to do something REALLY BIG this time.

Abandoned. Thats how Ronnie Hartman feels after her mother and Kenny, her moms good-for-nothing boyfriend, move to Alaska, bringing Ronnies two younger brothers with them and leaving her behind. Now thirteen years old, Ronnie has been returned from multiple foster homes because of her impulsive lying and stealing. Her latest foster mom, Alison, is Ronnies very last chanceif she doesnt want to end up in some awful residential treatment center.

Meanwhile, Ronnie wants more than anything to fit in with the popular crowd, especially with the beautiful (but stuck-up) Paige. But when Ronnie betrays her only friend, a chubby outcast named Cat, she begins a pattern of deception that can only end in disaster. As Ronnie struggles to define herself, an important letter will present her with the most heart-wrenching decision of her life: to accept the woman who wants to adopt her, or to return to the mother who once abandoned her.

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