Worried Sick? The Workbook
Worried Sick? The Workbook

Worried Sick? The Workbook

  • Publish Date: 2008-07-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Fredric Neuman
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Health anxiety is the inclination to worry excessively about one's health. This fear is so pervasive and stubborn that most health worriers continue to worry even when reassured by their doctors that there is nothing the matter with them. This workbook is a companion to the book: Worried Sick? The Exaggerated Fear of Physical Illness. The book gives an explanation of the causes of this anxiety disorder and the principles of treatment Worried Sick? The Workbook presents a week by week prescription on how to implement this program. It is intended as a detailed guide for the health worrier. Included are forms for the record-keeping that is essential. Included, also, is all the information necessary for psychologists and other professionals to institute their own program for the treatment of health anxiety. Indeed, as this common emotional disorder is recognized more readily, similar treatment programs have begun to appear in different medical centers around the country. There is a surprisingly high rate of success for a condition that had been thought previously to be resistant to every form of treatment.

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