The Reality of Change

The Reality of Change

  • Publish Date: 2015-12-21
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Fred Johnson;Paul Metler
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The Rising Tide Leadership Series helps Vision Driven Leaders Achieve Greater Results! Drawing from their experience with world class leaders from diverse organizational settings that include Fortune 500 companies, Premier Healthcare facilities and the NFL, Johnson and Metler have provided a roadmap for personal and professional transformation.

Here's what John Schneider, Executive VP and General Manger of the Seattle Seahawks had to say about The Reality of Change: In the NFL, change is a never-ending reality in building a winning team and maintaining the winning culture of that team. At times I have had to make difficult decisions that were easy for others to criticize and painful to execute. Yet without executing change, we couldn't improve and we couldn't compete. My friend and a leadership mentor of mine, Dr. Fred Johnson, taught the concepts contained in The Reality of Change to me several years ago. These principles often help guide my decision making. I suggest you dig deep into Dr. Johnson s world and study this book s contents as there are extremely valuable lessons to be learned.

Change is great...if it produces results. Change will come, there s no escaping it. Remaining stuck in status quo mode, fearing and avoiding change like the plague, only ensures you won t be ready for the inevitable. Mastering positive change, however, is key to extraordinary leadership and optimal business outcomes. So what can you do to harness the power of change as both an individual and a leader of a high-performing team? Mastering positive change involves navigating emotional shallow water and relational collisions: resistance from within and without, blame, victimhood, false barriers, and other change-busters. The Reality of Change takes a unique approach to change leadership: anticipate and overcome the inner and outer obstacles to steer yourself and your organization through the positive change process.

In The Reality of Change you will discover how to: Gain confidence in leading change through knowledge of what s to come Embrace and engage change as a pivotal leadership quality Counter resistance and naysaying while avoiding blame and taking things personally Master change in the context of other key leadership traits Successfully guide your organization into new and promising waters This is a book that delves into the emotional and interpersonal challenges of change, both on the part of the leader and those he or she leads. It s incredible how deeply this book dives into core leadership issues. Your Key takeaway: if you re not a master of change, it s a master of you! It s much better to be at the wheel.

The Rising Tide Leadership Series by Fred Johnson and Paul Metler will help vision-driven leaders achieve greater results. Book 1: Is Everyone on the Boat? Understanding the People in Your Organization and Leading Them More Effectively Book 2: The Reality of Change Mastering Positive Change is Key to Extraordinary Leadership and Optimal Business Outcomes.

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