Managing The Stress Of Infertility: How To Balance Your Emotions, Get The Support You Need, And Deal With Painful Social Situations When You're Trying To Become Pregnant

Managing The Stress Of Infertility: How To Balance Your Emotions, Get The Support You Need, And Deal With Painful Social Situations When You're Trying To Become Pregnant

  • Publish Date: 2013-01-17
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Carol Fulwiler Jones MA
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Are You In Treatment For Infertility?
Do you get upset when you attend baby showers or go to malls full of baby strollers and pregnant women?
Do you feel like crying when friends or family ask a question like, Are you still trying to get pregnant?
Do you wish your husband would be more supportive and take a more active role in your fertility and conception treatments?
Are you spending too much time worrying about becoming pregnant?
Do you feel like your body has betrayed you every time you start your period?
Do you feel helpless, powerless, and out of control?

This Book Will Help You:
Manage Your Emotions Get Your Husband To Be More Supportive And Involved Deal With Painful Social Situations Ease Your Frustrations Regain A Sense Of Control
A Personal Note From The Author: This book blends 20 years of my experience as a psychotherapist counseling hundreds of women trying to get pregnant, with my own personal experiences as a woman who sought infertility treatments.
I know the emotions around trying to conceive are sometimes more challenging than the infertility treatments themselves. I used to torture myself with questions like, What have I done to cause my infertility? I used to feel like crying when I saw pregnant women and baby strollers.
Thats why Ive put together this step-by-step infertility guide. It will heal the pain, ease the frustration, and help you regain a sense of control. It is my intention to keep you emotionally safe until you become pregnant.
Issues About Fertility And Pregnancy Addressed In My Managing The Stress Of Infertility Guide: Handling The Disappointment Of Getting Your Period How To Stop Feeling You Have No Control Over Your Body How To Deal With Insensitive Comments, Unwanted Advice, And Unwelcome Questions How To Deal With Painful Questions Like, How Many Children Do You Have? Or Are You Trying To Get Pregnant? How To Decide Whether You Should Tell Friends And Family That Youre Seeking Infertility Treatment. (And What To Say)
My Anti-Stress Fertility Guide Also Shows You How To Deal With Difficult Situations Like A Girlfriend Calling To Say Shes Pregnant Whether You Should Attend Baby Showers Getting Your Husband To Be More Understanding & Supportive Keeping Yourself Emotionally Safe During Holidays
Special Section For Women Seeking An Infertility Cure: How To Turn Required Sex Into Passionate Loving. Increase your interest in sex, deal with mismatched libidos, and learn tips for improving passion and intimacy.
Special Section For Women Seeking Infertility Meditations: Breathing Practices To Decrease Your Stress, Shift Your Energy, And Manage The Physical Demands Of Trying To Get Pregnant. A step-by-step program for five kinds of conscious breathing practices.
What The Experts Say About Managing The Stress Of Infertility: While Carol Jones own journey with infertility is the heart and soul that nurtured this book, it is her professional expertise and long experience counseling couples facing the challenges of infertility that make it such a valuable resource for others.
Carrell Dammann, PhD, Family Psychologist, Open House, Inc., Atlanta, GA A concise and practical book that helps couples lighten the emotional burden that accompanies infertility.
Linda Applegarth, EdD, Director of Psychological Services, Perelman/Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine, Weill-Cornell University Medical College, New York, NY Carol Jones has written an insightful and helpful roadmap to managing emotions and relationships through a fertility journey. She blends her personal experience and professional expertise in a way that is easy to grasp and emulate.
Dan Shapiro, MD, Director of Egg Donation Services, Reproductive Biology Associates, Atlanta, GA

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