Life on Earth: Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead
Life on Earth: Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead

Life on Earth: Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead

  • Publish Date: 2016-12-06
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Mike Dooley
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Whats happening in the world lately? How can I be happy when so many are not? Is life about learning lessons or passing tests? Following your heart or taking whats served to you? Whats real? What matters? Who says? Who cares? How do we know or find our purpose?

Many of us ask ourselves these questions, and many more, as we go through our days and try to make sense of our lives. Mike Dooley asks them too, except . . . his questions getanswered. Wisely. Compassionately. Fully. One such answer explained its source, stating that we all have a higher self within that predates this life and will live beyond it, and thus it knows a whole lot more than we do at street level about where weve been, why were here, and what will likely happen next on planet Earth.

Life on Earthtakes the form of a journal in which Mike asks whats on his mind during pivotal times in his life. As one of todays most respected New Thought leaders and reality theorists, he offers a lofty platform for this wide-ranging dialogue that powerfully expands our perspectives on essential truths, taking on topics such as:

* Why and how to see through theillusionsof life on earth

* How to make sense of natural disasters and manmade tragedies

* Living deliberately, creating consciously, and finding your power

* Wealth, relationships,past lives,and the evolution of consciousness

* The ultimate reason for life on earth and elsewhere (its shockingly simple)

These are questions asked from the heart with a cautious, even suspicious, mind. Mike explores the subtleties of the replies in depth and detail using his trademark wit and realism in this intrepid explorers guide to the jungles of time and space.



Jambo fellow adventurer!

Ive lived my life through questions. Asking about almost everythingaliens, UFOs, yetis, ghosts, the pyramids, time travel, God, hypnosis, and mind-powerbut mostly questions likeWhat the hell are we doing here? And then everyone dies? Gone forever? Why bother? Whats the point?

And my questions . . . get answered. Wisely.Reallywisely. Used to scare me. In the beginning, I didnt know how they were answered, when, or by whom. Years later, well into the phenomenon, it dawned on me to ask that question too. And, yeah, I was answered. To this day, my knowingness usually arrives invisibly, unannounced, somewhere in the span of weeks or months after I first pose the question; when necessary, I can expect and get an answer while I wait, same day. Some folks see dead people, others go out-of-body, and I . . . I get answers. Admittedly this gift might not sound as impressive as meeting Beethoven, hypothetically, or soaring through time and space like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, but at my age, already having had the chance to ask pretty much all of my most profound and piercing questions, I can tell you, its damn cool. Id even choose it over meeting Beethoven and time travel. For example, I ask, What the hell are we here for? And I get the answer:

You are eternal, spiritual beings, on earth by choice, at an early ebb in the spiritual evolution of your kind. You chose to be who you now are, possessing the dreams you now have and the challenges you presently face, for the reasons of learning and joy. Among the things you wanted to understand: love is a given, not an option; your thoughts hold the key to living the life of your wildest dreams; and no matter how things appear, your eternal salvation is ensured

These are unusual times were living through, yet still ripe in opportunity and overflowing with rich possibilities for the best of your life. Are you ready to understand who you are? How you got here? And what you can truly do with your life on earth? If so, please join me on this journey into truth as I probe the mysteries and magic of our reality, from past civilizations to modern times, with an eye to the immediate future, offering an insiders guide of how we humans, individually and collectively, can choose to powerfully shape our lives and change our future. In these pages youll learn how to live with greater peace, more abundantly, and deeper in love and loved.

Your brother in adventure,

Mike Dooley

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