The Art of Keeping Snakes (Advanced Vivarium Systems)
The Art of Keeping Snakes (Advanced Vivarium Systems)

The Art of Keeping Snakes (Advanced Vivarium Systems)

  • Publish Date: 2004-05-25
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Philippe De Vosjoli
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For author Philippe de Vosjoli, art is the actualization of a personal vision or message, and de Vosjolis passion is snakes, which he believes are among the most beautiful animals on earth. Incorporating snakes into a naturalistic vivarium, the way lizards and amphibians usually are, adds a new element to snake keeping, elevating the hobby to a true art form. In The Art of Keeping Snakes, de Vosjoli pursues this concept and provides advice for snake keepers who wish to create beautiful displays for their snakes, putting the animals welfare and quality of life above all else and simultaneously enhancing their own enjoyment in observing their beautiful snakes in naturalistic environments. Beautifully photographed, inspiring, and informative, The Art of Keeping Snakes is divided into two parts, the first A New Way to Keep Snakes, discusses design planning, enclosures and background possibilities, substrates, landscaping, plants, heating/lighting, quarantine and introducing the snakes to the vivarium. This part also includes chapters on feeding, handling, health care, and general maintenance and husbandry. The second part, Best Display Snakes, presents over thirty different snakes, including photographs, physical descriptions, and tips for selection, handling, vivarium design tips, feeding, and breeding. The snakes in this part are divided into chapters, categorized by pythons, boas, water and garter snakes, hognose snakes, rat snakes, kingsnakes and milksnakes, and others. Resources and index included.

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