Around The Shabbos Table
Around The Shabbos Table

Around The Shabbos Table

  • Publish Date: 2008-12-31
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Seryl Berman;Hachai Publishing
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Did you ever watch children argue about where they want to sit, in the car, classroom, or at the table? All are sure that one spot is the best, so someone must settle for something less. Around the Shabbos Table demonstrates that there is another way of looking at things.

The story starts one Friday night when Tova Leiba's brother is unhappy with his seat. Tova Leiba agrees to change places with him, as she is confident that she can be happy there. And, thanks to her positive attitude, she does discover a hidden benefit to her new position at the table.

This happens again and again when Tova Leiba's other siblings want to switch, too! Find the advantage of each new seat as she makes her way... around the Shabbos table!

Tov lev, simcha tomid

To a good hearted person, life's a constant celebration.
What a valuable lesson to share with children! Each place in which we find ourselves, even one that appears to be less desirable on the surface, might just have a hidden, but wonderful quality. All we have to do, is open our eyes and find it!

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