Advocacy Practice for Social Justice

Advocacy Practice for Social Justice

  • Publish Date: 2015-07-01
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Richard Hoefer
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Current economic and social forces are creating a society with less equality, justice and opportunity for all but the privileged few. Social workers are called upon by their code of ethics to counteract these trends of social inequality and actively work to achieve social justice. Hoefer s empirically-based, step-by-step approach demonstrates how to integrate advocacy for social justice into everyday social work practice. The book shows through anecdotes, case studies, examples, and the author's own personal experiences, exactly how advocacy can be conducted with successful outcomes. Each chapter builds upon the previous to provide a concise yet detailed blueprint for conducting successful advocacy.

The previous two editions of this book have been used and admired by professors and students alike. Students value its clarity and praise the book for opening their eyes to what they often believed was the scary and bad world of politics and policy. After reading the book, they are motivated to become advocates for social justice because they understand how to do so. If you want to empower your students to effect changes in laws, regulations, and other types of policy at all levels, you will find this text the perfect resource to do so.

Strengths of this edition: New! Chapter on strategies for conducting advocacy using the internet and social media.
New! Information on the anti-oppressive framework of social justice; New! Discussion on the role of wealth as a factor in encouraging advocacy added as a direct result of student feedback to previous editions; Updated! Discussion questions to reflect new content and contemporary social justice issues; Updated! Outline of how the book meets CSWE core competencies.

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