Common Core Assessments and Online Workbooks: Grade 3 Mathematics: PARCC Edition

Common Core Assessments and Online Workbooks: Grade 3 Mathematics: PARCC Edition

  • Publish Date: 2014-01-02
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Lumos Learning
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This Lumos tedBook updated to reflect 2017-18 PARCC assessment guidelines. It Includes:

  • Two Summative Assessments (SA)
  • Additional Questions by Type
  • Concepts, Skills, Procedures
  • Expressing Mathematical Reasoning
  • Modeling / Applications
  • Detailed answer explanations for every question
  • Strategies for building speed and accuracy

PLUS One Year access to Online Workbooks

  • Hundreds of practice questions with detailed answers
  • Anywhere Access! Learn using a smart phone, tablet or personal computer
  • Self-paced and student-directed

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  • Scan QR Code in the book to instantly access online workbooks
  • Convenient access to the Common Core State Standards

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Schools (7000+), teachers (11,000+), libraries (30+) and parents (120,000+) throughout the United States use Lumos Study Programs to improve student achievement on the standardized tests.

How can students succeed on the PARCC test using the Lumos Study Program?

At Lumos Learning, we believe that year-long learning and adequate practice before the actual test are the keys to student success on the standardized tests. We have designed the Lumos Study Program to help students get plenty of realistic practice before the test and to promote year-long collaborative learning.

Inside this book, you will find two full-length practice tests that are similar to the PARCC tests students will take to assess their mastery of CCSS aligned curriculum. Completing these tests will help students master the different areas that are included in newly aligned standardized tests and practice test taking skills. The results will help the students and educators get insights into students strengths and weaknesses in specific content areas. These insights could be used to help students strengthen their skills in difficult topics and to improve speed and accuracy while taking the test.

In addition, this book also contains a Practice Questions by Type.

The Lumos Online Workbooks consist of hundreds of grade appropriate questions based on the CCSS. Students will get instant feedback and can review their answers anytime. Each student's answers and progress can be reviewed by parents and educators to reinforce the learning experience.

What is PARCC?

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness and College and Careers (PARCC) is one of two state consortiums responsible for developing assessments aligned to the new, more rigorous Common Core State Standards. There are currently 20 states involved in the PARCC consortium and a combination of educational leaders from those states along with test developers are working together to create the new computer based English Language Arts and Math assessments.

How is this Lumos tedBook aligned to PARCC Guidelines?

Although the PARCC assessments will be conducted online, the practice tests here have been created to accurately reflect the depth and rigor of PARCC tasks in a pencil and paper format. Students will still be exposed to the TECR technology style questions so they become familiar with the wording and how to think through these types of tasks.

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